20 Nov 2013


VOLARE is a Grundtvig learning partnership initiated by Gijón City Council (Spain) in cooperation with six other partners providing Second Chance Schools:
  • Gijón City Council, Spain
  • Doncaster College, United Kingdom
  • Sheffield City Council, United Kingdom
  • Adult Education Center VHS Aachen, Germany
  • CARITAS Archidiecezji Gdańskiej, Poland
  • Rīgas domes Izglītības, kultūras un soprta departaments, Latvia
  • Il Laboratorio Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, Italy

During 2011 (European Year of Volunteering), the EU showed the citizens the potential of volunteering actions: not only as a solidarity activity, but also as a learning process, as a way to strengthen the skills and as an opportunity to broaden one´s contacts, as many times being part of volunteering projects can help an individual to find a job, as well as further assisting in one´s personal and social development. This project proposal intends to make the best use of the mentioned potential. It is focused on the Second Chance School´s students (or similar organisations) and their potential to engage in volunteering.

The VOLARE project will be developed in two phases: the first one, “Discover your city and its resources“, will help the students become more knowledgeable about and aware of  the existing NGOs in each city. The young people will: learn the about management and organisation of these NGOs, visit the different resources and understand the different kinds of volunteering and the basic skills required to be volunteer. The international mobilities of the first phase will be related to mutual learning, broadening cultural horizons and information exchanges.
The second phase of the project “Improve your city: Participate!” will aid the students in learning about their own capacities. Pilot volunteering activities in the different schools and a campaign to raise the awareness about the participation of the young people in volunteering activities will be organised. The international mobilities of the second phase will be related to the launching of a volunteer activity.
At the end of the project a digital teacher handbook will be created with resources and examples of how to promote key competences through voluntary activities and active citizenship in non-formal education.
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